United Painting has more than 40 years experience in the industry!

     Our commitment to customer satisfaction covers a wide variety of items that separates us from the majority of our competitors such as:

  • Covering all  areas around the working environment.
  • Hand tooled, machine prepped and/or chemical agents used to assure adhesion of new coating
  • Use of the highest quality material on the market from paints to cleaning agents
  • We hire and train painting technicians that  are drug and alcohol free, hard-working, career-oriented, legal residents of the USA who are professionally oriented to their job, using the best equipment to finish any job on time and on budget.

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     When customers contract with United Painting they have a full understanding of the work before it starts, including the materials to be used, special applications, maintenance going forward and guarantees that are specifically designed for each job. 

     Our work gets done cleanly, on your schedule.  Our team's primary objective is to allow your business to operate uninterrupted.

     We take pride in the fact that in over forty years, our business has never been sued, had a complaint registered or had a workman's compensation claim.  Our goal is excellence in everything we do!